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Employee rights in the workplace are protected from discrimination and harassment, but it is important to talk about what happens after a claim is brought forward. Whether a discrimination or harassment claim was made internally — such as to a company’s human resource department — or externally to the EEOC or another federal or state organization, it is unlawful for your employer to retaliate against you.

Furthermore, employees are protected from retaliation even if they are not the ones who brought forward claims against the employer. An employee who participates in an investigation by providing witness statements, testifying or giving any aid in the investigation of a claim against an employer has various protections under the law.

Retaliation may be very subtle or incredibly direct. For example, a subtle form of retaliation is barring employees from meetings that directly correlate to their work or decreasing/increasing their workload or hours until they decide to quit or can no longer perform their essential job functions. An example of direct retaliation may be firing an employee for not being a “team player” if they brought discrimination or harassment claims against an employer.

But it is important to understand what retaliation is not. A manager or supervisor’s change in demeanor to a more professional attitude toward an employee who participated in a protected activity — like bringing forward claims or participating in an investigation — is not considered retaliation.

Opposing unlawful practices is also protected by anti-retaliation laws. An employee can oppose any practices of the employer that they believe is unlawful under the EEOC. This means directly voicing concern or implicit opposition against harassment or discrimination by the employer.

If you are unsure of what retaliation is, be sure to consult with a Columbus employment retaliation lawyer to help you determine if you are experiencing retaliation and can make a claim.

Working with a Retaliation Lawyer in Columbus, Ohio

If you believe you are experiencing retaliation from your employer, it is imperative that you consult with an employment retaliation attorney in Columbus, Ohio. If left unchecked, retaliation could damage your standing in a company or cost you your livelihood.

Even if you were not the one who brought forward claims against your employer, if you accompanied a co-worker to the human resources department or served as a testimony witness during an investigation, your rights are protected under the law. A Columbus employment retaliation lawyer will be able to help you determine your options, how much your compensation may be if you lost wages or your job and help you through the process of filing a claim or a lawsuit.

Knowing what evidence to gather and how to compile documentation can be difficult if you believe you are experiencing retaliation at work. Having an experienced employment law and retaliation attorney guide you through your options will greatly assist you in recovering compensation and lost wages.

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Retaliation to discrimination and/or harassment claims or other protected activities in the workplace is a serious issue that should not be left unaddressed. If you believe you are experiencing retaliation from an employer, then contact the retaliation lawyers based in Columbus, Ohio with Barkan Meizlish, LLP. Our proficient team of retaliation attorneys will be able to review your case with a free consultation and help you determine if you are experiencing pervasive retaliation and what your options are moving forward. Don’t allow your employer to take advantage of your situation or scare you into not bringing forward claims of illegal or unlawful activity in the workplace.



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