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Should an employee perform work—whether it be setting up or closing his or her work station, gathering or discarding PPE, booting up or shutting down a computer, etc.—before or after a scheduled shift, that employee is entitled to compensation. This is true even if the employee is not clocked in while performing this work. So long as the employer permits this work to occur, the employee must be compensated. If the employee is not compensated for this work, than the employer has violated the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and is liable to the employee for back wages and other damages.

Many employees think that they should not be paid for their pre- and post-shift work when their employer did not require them to do this work. However, that is not always the case. If an employer allows this work to occur, than the employee that performs this work is entitled to compensation for this time.

Employers are not required to pay you during your lunch break in all instances. But certain requirements must be met for this to occur. An employer must relieve its employees of all duties for at least 30 minutes to not compensate employees for this time. However, if employees are working through—or even during—their lunch break and not being paid for this time worked, their employer is violating the FLSA. If the circumstances of your job often require you to work during your unpaid lunch break—and your employer permits this—you may be owed compensation in the form of back wages and other damages under the FLSA and Ohio wage laws for a period spanning back up to 3 years.


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