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Menards – Overtime Lawsuit

Griffith, et al. v. Menard, Inc., Case No. 2:18-CV-81 (S.D. OH)

Attorneys: Bob DeRose

Practice Area: Wage and Hour/Overtime Violations

On January 31, 2018, the law firms of Barkan Meizlish DeRose Cox, LLP and Anderson2X, PLLC filed a nationwide class and collective action lawsuit against Menard, Inc., the Wisconsin-based operator of the roughly 300 Menards retail stores across 14 Midwestern states.

The Allegations

The lawsuit contends that Menards maintained several unlawful company-wide policies in violation of the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and numerous state wage laws. Specifically, the lawsuit alleges that Menards maintained a company-wide policy of requiring employees to clock out for restroom breaks and certain store meetings during their shifts. It also alleges that Menards required employees to complete job-related training exercises at home, but failed to compensate them for performing the work.

The Case

Unpaid work hours and unpaid overtime compensation resulted from these alleged violations. The Named Plaintiffs in this lawsuit are 160 current and former hourly Menards employees from 13 different states. The Named Plaintiffs seek to recover all unpaid compensation, overtime, and other damages owed to them under the FLSA and respective state wage laws. They also seek the Court’s permission to send notice of the nationwide collective action lawsuit to all similarly situated individuals to apprise them of their rights and provide them an opportunity to opt-in to the lawsuit.

To inquire further about this case, please call (614) 221-4221 ext. 1129 or email To read the Complaint, please click the link below.

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Ohio Attorneys File Class Action Suit Against Menards


Updates as of 2/5/2020:

There are currently multiple cases against Menards, including various wage and hour violations. The one Barkan Meizlish DeRose Cox, LLP and our co-counsel Anderson Alexander are involved in is a case for those individuals who participated in In Home Training (IHT) beginning on January 31, 2015. If you believe you are eligible and want to confirm that you are opted in to this case, please call (877) 788-4959 to make sure they have your updated contact information.


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