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Our firm represents organized labor and individual employees, not employers, across the United State.  Our union clients serve as the exclusive bargaining agent for employees in a variety of industries, including ground transportation, warehouses,  telecommunications, aviation, rail, government service, manufacturing, health care, and many others.

Our firm negotiates dozens of collective bargaining agreements every year. We have a record of success in arbitrations covering a wide spectrum of issues ranging from unjust discipline to complicated contract interpretation disputes. We protect our clients’ interests in litigation before federal and state courts, as well as the National Labor Relations Board, the State Employment Relations Board, and the National Mediation Board. We bring a successful and experienced perspective to union organizing campaigns, contract campaigns, contract enforcement, and defense against frivolous duty of fair representation charges.

Values-Based Representation

Our representation of labor unions and their members is values-based.  We share our clients’ commitment to organizing the unorganized and increasing employee power at the workplace.  Strong, democratic unions represent the best hope for workers in the United States and across the world struggling to succeed in the global economy.  We know that organized labor has done more to advance the interests of working people than any other institution in our society.  As a result, it is an honor and privilege to represent labor unions and their members.

We pride ourselves on identifying creative and cost-effective solutions to our clients’ problems. Positive labor-management relationships are always the goal, but it takes a commitment from both sides. If management desires a positive labor-management relationship, we can help our clients build it through workplace partnerships that are based on enforceable rights rather than slogans. On the other hand, if management seeks to destroy union power in the workplace, we work with our clients to development aggressive strategies to counter union-busting.

Our firm has helped give employees a real voice in the workplace. We have also successfully beaten the union-busters who seek to destroy our clients.  The challenges facing organized labor in the 21st century are difficult and complex, but history has demonstrated that labor unions can meet the challenge. The primary mission of Barkan Meizlish, LLP is to assist our clients in winning the struggle for economic justice for every working man and woman.

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