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A workplace accident can injure any employee at any time. While some jobs certainly put people at heightened risk, every worksite poses some danger for slips, falls, vehicle accidents, toxic exposures, fires, and, sadly, workplace violence.

Is your Ohio employer failing to recognize your serious workplace injury? Call workers compensation lawyer at Barkan Meizlish Law Firm in Ohio.

When you suffer a work-related injury or develop an occupational illness, you should be able to secure workers’ compensation benefits. As workers comp lawyers, however, we know that employees can encounter many obstacles when they apply for funds to cover their medical expenses, replace a portion of their lost wages, and compensate them for a long-term problem like an amputation or scarring.

Neither employers nor the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation appreciate having to pay out on claims. Both organizations can be expected to question applicants and look for every reason to deny benefits. They will enforce the strict one-year statute of limitations, debating even exactly when an injury occurred or disease symptoms became debilitating. They may also deny the fact that an injury occurred while the applicant was doing his or her job.

After clearing those initial hurdles, applicants for workers’ comp benefits may also find themselves accused of intentionally harming themselves, or ignoring clearly communicated safety rules, or outright breaking the law. Faced with such resistance, partnering with an experienced workers compensation attorney to prepare and submit paperwork, collect and organize medical records, and pursue appeals of denials of benefits will make sense.

More Than Workers’ Comp Benefits

Problems for injured and ill workers do not always begin and end with the workers’ comp claims process. They may need to defend themselves against retaliation from managers and co-workers who do not appreciate having safety problems reported and investigated. Despite the existence of federal and states laws that prohibit it, we have seen many of clients get fired, demoted, reassigned, or bullied after they applied for workers’ comp. When that happens, a Barkan Meizlish DeRose Cox, LLP, workers compensation attorney, can fight for a client’s rights as an employee and whistleblower.

On a more positive note, workplace accidents involving vehicle crashes, faulty tools, or negligence by an employee of a different company may provide grounds for filing a personal injury insurance claim or civil lawsuit. Taking such legal action is not always possible, and we understand when a client decides not to add to his or her concerns over receiving workers’ compensation benefits. But, upon request, we will look into pursuing what are called third-party claims.

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