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Barkan Meizlish, LLP, was founded more than 60 years ago with the mission of helping workers across Ohio enforce their rights to fair pay and safe workplaces. Fulfilling that mission has led us to focus heavily on workers’ compensation and to establish offices throughout the state.

Employers and state officials try hard to deny workers’ comp benefits. Such efforts start with enforcing a strict one-year statute of limitation on filing a claim. They extend to arguing that an employee caused the workplace accident by ignoring or intentionally violating safety rules. Challenges to the severity of an injury or disease symptoms are also frequently raised.

In Marietta, our workers compensation attorney are available to assist injured and ill employees with

  • Preparing an application for coverage of medical costs, wage replacement, and other types of compensation;
  • Appealing a denial of benefits all the way through a lawsuit, if necessary;
  • Protecting an injured or ill employee from retaliation for reporting safety issues and seeking workers’ compensation benefits; and
  • Exploring the possibility of filing third-party injury or wrongful death claims against the maker of defective equipment, a driver who crashed into a company vehicle, or another company whose employees caused a workplace accident.

Our Marietta workers compensation attorney take cases involving all types of physical injuries and occupational illnesses, and we do not limit ourselves to particular industries. Risks to workers’ health and well-being exist in all settings.

When Our Marietta workers compensation lawyers take a case, we partner directly with our client throughout the application and appeals process. We keep our client fully up to date on developments at each stage, and we make sure that all necessary paperwork is completed and submitted on time. Most importantly, Our Marietta workers comp attorney take extra efforts to ensure that each client has access to qualified doctors and therapists whose diagnoses and assessments regarding temporary disability and return to work are trusted by the workers’ comp program.

Sadly, our experience shows that retaliation is a particular problem for our clients. Companies and managers do not welcome the scrutiny and expenses that a worker’s comp case can bring. Even though a range of laws make it illegal to fire, demote, reassign, harass, or bully an employee for seeking workers’ comp benefits, those things do happen far too often. We stand up for victims of such reprehensible practices.

Last, we tap into all of our firm’s expertise and resources to find ways to maximize financial recovery. Suing one’s employer following a workplace accident is almost always prohibited, but opportunities to hold other people and organizations accountable may exist. Our Marietta workers compensation attorneys understand when a client decides that taking additional legal action for a personal injury or wrongful death is just too much of a strain while going through an already tough workers’ comp case, but we make sure the accident victim and family know their options.

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