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  • Filing for and receiving workers’ compensation in Ohio can be challenging. At Barkan Meizlish LLP, our Marietta workers’ compensation attorneys can help make it easier. If an employee is hurt at work or develops an occupational illness in southeastern Ohio, the employee has an opportunity to file for workers’ compensation benefits. Being approved for these benefits can be difficult, due to the hard application process. Employers and the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation actively fight every workers’ compensation case that comes their way. As longtime Marietta workers’ compensation attorneys with offices throughout Ohio, we work diligently to make sure you get a desirable result.

    Our job as Marietta workers’ comp lawyers is to help you answer the following questions:

    • Did you file the workers’ compensation claim before the one-year statute of limitations expired?
    • Did the accident or exposure to anything toxic occur while working?
    • Did your incident lead you to seek medical treatment?
    • Did your injury or illness cause absences at work?

    Barkan Meizlish DeRose Cox, LLP Marietta workers’ compensation lawyers collaborate with each client to ensure they are able to answer any questions they are asked throughout their case. Our workers’ comp attorneys also help our clients pursue appeals of benefit denials if need be, and when necessary, pursue Marietta workers’ compensation benefits through filing into court.

    After taking on a case, our workers’ compensation attorneys collaborate directly with the client throughout the application and appeals process. We promise to keep our clients fully up to date on developments throughout their Marietta workers’ compensation claims process and make sure all necessary paperwork is completed and submitted on time. We will also take extra steps to ensure our clients have access to doctors whose prognoses regarding temporary disability and ability to work are trusted by the Ohio workers’ compensation system.

    Going Beyond Marietta Workers’ Compensation Benefits

    Injured and ill employees have trusted Barkan Meizlish DeRose Cox, LLP, for more than 60 years. Our experience has taught us how to prepare and protect our clients from employer retaliation. Reporting safety problems and applying for Marietta workers’ compensation benefits occasionally leads to this type of retaliation from employers. When employers fire, demote, reassign, or harass our clients as punishment for exercising their rights, our Marietta attorneys know how to take prompt legal action.

    Ohio law makes it practically impossible for an employee to sue his or her employer for negligence that may have led to a work-related accident. However, it’s possible that action may be brought against an employee from a different company through a personal injury claim or civil lawsuit. When working with a client, we will also look for any indication that a third-party injury claim exists.

    When our Marietta attorneys review workers’ compensation cases, we often uncover otherwise undetected wage theft issues. The wage theft can occur in several ways, ranging from minimum wage violations to misclassification of employees as independent contractors, and as far as making employees work unpaid while off the clock.  Our team then lets you know if any wage theft violations are detected.

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