What is the Onset Date for Social Security Disability Insurance?

Barkan Meizlish , March 24, 2020

The Onset Date is the Date You Became Disabled.

Each SSDI case is different, and so are the onset dates. Firstly, some onset dates are associated with a traumatic event or accident. For example, the date of an accident which led to your inability to work might determine this date. In other scenarios, like chronic illness cases, onset date may be unclear. There is often an unclear timeline for chronic illnesses and disabilities. This may make it more difficult to establish a clear date.

Determining the onset date for a disability, involves consideration of your allegations, work history, if any, and the medical and other evidence concerning the severity of your medical condition. After collecting this information, each aspect of this criteria is weighted by relevancy. Additionally, the available evidence will  depend on your individual case. The day your illness caused you to stop working  is  a key factor in determining this date. Choosing the correct date is very important. It will have an impact on what kind of benefit you could receive. Additional information can be found on the Social Security Administration website.

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Originally published on May 13th, 2015.

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