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Jobs With Justice

Dear Jon,
Google has the answer for almost every question under the sun, except one: why don’t all of the company’s workers make living wages?
Gabriel Cardenas works at a California warehouse for Google Express. And even though Google is a multibillion-dollar corporation, Gabriel and his colleagues employees work in unsafe conditions on short-term contracts and aren’t paid enough to make ends meet. That’s why they’re coming together for a better workplace.
Will you support Gabriel and his co-workers? Send a message to Google and demand that the company doesn’t interfere in their upcoming union election.
Working for Google’s next-day delivery service, Gabriel and his co-workers make sure products ship out within mere hours of when they’re ordered. But they’re employed through a contractor, Adecco, and have no job security to speak of. Worse, they report being pressured to work at unsafe speeds in dangerous conditions with damaged equipment and failing electrical systems that have resulted in fires.
Lazslo Bock, Google’s senior vice president for “people operations,” is on record saying that Google employees and contractors “have a legal right to organize without fear of retaliation.” But without pressure from people like you, we can’t count on Google to live up to those words.
Make sure Google respects everyone’s ability to have a say at work! Send an email to the company today!
Many profitable Silicon Valley companies rely on poorly paid bus drivers, security guards, warehouse workers, janitors and groundskeepers to keep their operations running smoothly. Google is no different. But Gabriel and his co-workers are joining the Teamsters to stand up to this profitable tech giant, and they are not alone. A broad coalition of unions, faith leaders and community groups have come together as Silicon Valley Rising to make sure the tech sector works for everyone, not just well-paid executives. We must speak in one strong clear voice together — join us by standing with Gabriel and his fellow

Google Express workers.

Thanks for all that you do,
Ethan Miller
Jobs With Justice

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