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FLSA Fee Shifting

How Victims Of Wage Theft Can Fight Back: Fee-Shifting Protections and the FLSA

Mara Siegel , February 18, 2020

My Employer Didn’t Pay Me Correctly but I Can’t Afford an Attorney, Now What? Have you ever worked somewhere that didn’t pay you on time, or didn’t pay your wages properly? If yes, you probably talked about it with a friend or family member who suggested you pursue legal action. Your response may have been […]

Enhanced Employees, Enhanced Productivity? Not Necessarily. How Technological Advancements, Such As Micro-Chipping for Humans, Could Be Harmful to Employees.

Mara Siegel , February 5, 2020

Modified Mentalities: If you were on YouTube in the early half of the last decade, you may remember Neil Harbisson’s incredible Ted Talk “I listen to color.” For those who do not recall, Harbisson discusses his cranial implant and its associated external antenna. The implant processes color and turns them into sound waves within his […]

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Save the Date: Stuff the Suitcase on March 12th, 2020

Mara Siegel , February 17, 2020

Bob DeRose, Managing Partner at Barkan Meizlish, LLP, is honored to be co-hosting the OSBF Fellows Stuff The Suitcase event. Please join Bob and his fellow OSBF fellows at J Alexanders from 5-8pm to participate in an amazing fundraising event. Please refer to the below image for items we are looking to collect. The suitcases […]

Outstanding Attorney: Sam Marcellino

Mara Siegel , February 13, 2020

In late January, our own Sam Marcellino and fellow attorney Steven Katz teamed up to help a veteran at risk of losing his home. Willie Williams found himself in dire need of aide when his housing situation was put at risk. The threat? Either Willie had to get rid of his beloved dog, Diamond, or […]

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