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Work-related injuries and occupational illnesses have many causes, including

  • Crashes in company vehicles
  • Falls on slippery floors or loose floor coverings
  • Falls when working off the ground
  • Trips on stairs and ladders
  • Impacts from falling or flying objects
  • Defective tools
  • Malfunctioning equipment
  • Fires
  • Explosions
  • Errors by coworkers
  • Exposures to toxic chemical and fumes
  • Attacks by coworkers or customers

Regardless of the cause, employees who require medical care and miss work following a workplace accident usually have the right to apply for workers’ compensation benefits. Payments from the workers’ comp program can cover doctors bills, therapy costs, a portion of lost wages, and the trauma of an amputation or permanent disfigurement.

It costs nothing to speak with an experienced Chillicothe workers compensation attorney at Barkan Meizlish DeRose Wentz Mclnerney Peifer, LLP.

Ohio does not approval workers comp applications automatically, however. Program officials and employers look hard for reasons to reject applications. The one-year statute of limitations on filing claims is strictly enforced. Injured or ill workers are often blamed for intentionally harming themselves or ignoring safety rules. Allegations that symptoms and the need to take time off from work to recover were exaggerated are common.

As workers compensation attorneys in Chillicothe, Ohio, we partner with workplace accident victims to prepare complete applications, deliver paperwork on time, and collect, organize, and present all required medical evidence. Our workers’ comp lawyers in Chillicothe also commit to taking each case through any appeals and lawsuits that may become necessary. While we cannot guarantee outcomes, we live up to our promise to fight hard for the benefits injured and ill workers deserve.

Not Just Workers’ Comp

At Barkan Meizlish, LLP, we also step up for clients who experience workplace retaliation after they file accident reports and submit applications for workers’ compensation. Even though laws prohibit firing, demoting, reassigning or bullying employees who put in for workers’ comp, companies still do it. As longtime Chillicothe workers compensation attorneys, we can recognize the signs of workplace retaliation and take decisive action against it.

Another service we can offer a workers’ comp client involves looking into the possibility of pursuing what are called third-party claims. When an accident involves a faulty tool, a negligent driver or a reckless co-worker, the injured person may have grounds for filing a personal injury claim. We can look into that while also navigating the workers’ comp process.

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– Aareona W.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better lawyer. Sam did a great job with my workers’ compensation case. He took the time to explain the process and got me a great result!” – S. Cecil

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