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A workplace injury occupational injury in Southern Ohio gives an individual the opportunity to apply for workers’ compensation benefits. Unfortunately, this process can often result in frustrating results, such as not receiving rightfully deserved benefits. The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation challenges almost every claim that comes their way. At Barkan Meizlish DeRose Cox, LLP our workers compensation attorneys service southern and central Ohio. Our attorneys work hard to make sure you get the best possible result if you need to file a workers’ compensation claim.

During the claim process, your workers’ compensation attorney will make sure you:

  • File the claim within the one year statute of limitations
  • Determine if there was any exposure to toxic substances occur while you were engaged in work-related activities
  • Help document your doctor’s visits and medical expenses related to your workplace injury or illness
  • Help document any time you missed work due to your workplace accident, injury, or illness

As workers’ compensation lawyers our job is to ensure each client we collaborate with has the right information and answers every step of the way. We also commit to helping our clients pursue appeals of benefit denials and, when necessary, pursue your workers’ compensation benefits through filing into court.

Our workers’ compensation lawyers prioritize communication with our clients at every step of the claims and if necessary, appeals process. We will also prioritize making every deadline. Most importantly, we take the time and effort to ensure that each client has access to trusted medical providers. These providers, who are trusted by the Ohio workers’ compensation system, will diagnose and assess temporary disability and working ability and provide the corresponding paperwork.

Our Attorneys Go Beyond Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Retaliation from an employer is a fear shared by many people pursing workers’ compensation claims. Workers’ comp lawyers with Barkan Meizlish DeRose Cox, LLP, have advised and represented employees who have fallen victim of a workplace accident or injury for more than 60 years. This work has taught our attorneys how to protect our clients from retaliation for reporting safety problems or applying for workers’ compensation benefits. When employers fire, demote, reassign, or harass our clients to chastise them exercising their rights, our attorneys act quickly and take critical legal action.

When our workers’ comp attorneys work with a client, they will also look into pursuing third-party injury claims. In spite of the strict Ohio laws, which make it practically impossible for an employee to sue their employer for negligence that lead to a workplace accident, a third party is often found liable for such an accident. Reckless drivers, faulty toolmakers, or negligent employees of a different company may be held accountable via a personal injury claim or civil lawsuit.

There is also a likelihood that a wage theft claim may be uncovered throughout the workers’ compensation claim process. The wage theft can occur in many ways including minimum wage violations, misclassification of the employee as an independent contractor, or having employees clock out but continue working. Our accomplished staff will identify possible wage theft issues when they meet with you.

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