What is a Continuing Disability Review?

Barkan Meizlish , May 19, 2015

The Social Security Administration (SSA) is required by law to periodically review the case of every person who is receiving Social Security Disability (SSD) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) disability benefits. This process is called a “continuing disability review” (CDR) and is intended to identify beneficiaries who may no longer qualify as disabled. If, during a CDR, the SSA finds that your medical condition has improved enough so that you can work, your Social Security benefits will end.

If your Social Security claim is up for review, the SSA will notify you by mail. The SSA will send you either a copy of the short form, Disability Update Report (SSA-455-OCR-SM) or the long form, Continuing Disability Review Report (SSA-454-BK) announcing a CDR. The short form is generally for those whose condition is not expected to improve, and is only two pages.

If your condition could improve, or if your answers on the short form send a red flag to the SSA, the agency will send you the long form, which is similar to the initial disability application and is ten pages long. On it the SSA asks whether you have seen a doctor or been hospitalized in the past year, whether you have had any recent tests in the past year, such as EKGs, blood tests, or x-rays, and whether you have been working, among other things.

If Social Security finds that your disability has ended, you have the right to appeal this decision.  Please be aware that in order for your monthly benefits to continue, you must appeal SSA’s decision within 10 days.

If SSA contacts your for a CDR, please contact our office so that we may help you with this process.


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