What Income or Resources are Considered in Determining SSI Eligibility?

Barkan Meizlish , May 19, 2015

Income – any income received will affect the amount of SSI payable.  Income exceeding SSI federal benefit monthly rate will preclude entitlement.   Spouse and household income and living arrangements can affect the amount of SSI payable.  SSA uses a deeming chart to look at income from a spouse to a spouse, or from parents to their children.

Countable income includes:

• Wages, commissions, bonuses, severance pay

• Net earnings from self-employment

• Tax refunds

• In-kind support such as food, clothing or shelter

• Payment for services performed in sheltered workshop

• Pensions

• Alimony and support

• Dividends, interest and royalties

• Rents

• Gifts and inheritances

• Prizes and awards

Resources -generally may not exceed $2000 per individual or $3000 per eligible couple.

Countable resources include:

Funds held in financial institutions such as banks or credit unions

Cash or other liquid assets

Real or personal property owned or which could be converted to cash

Resources which usually do not preclude SSI entitlement include:

• Property right which cannot be liquidated

• Personal home and land if principal place of residence

• Household goods and personal effects valued at less than $2000

-Automobile if necessary for employment or modified for handicapped or necessary for medical treatment

• Property of trade or business essential to self-support

• Life insurance up to $1500 face value

• Disaster relief funds

• Burial spaces and funds up to $1500 for burial expenses

• Housing assistance

• Victims of crime compensation for period of nine months after receipt.

This list is not exhaustive.  For more detailed list, please contact the Social Security Administration or Barkan Meizlish.

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