Outstanding Attorney: Rachel Wenning

Mara Siegel , May 5, 2020

Rachel Wenning Speaks to WOSU On Ohio Housing Concerns

In the midst of a crisis, our attorneys continue to involve themselves in communal care work. Rachel Wenning works with the Columbus Tenants’ Union and represents several tenant clients. With uncertain times ahead regarding jobs and income for many, Rachel is advocating for lawmakers to take a critical look at how their actions may affect their community in the coming months. While certain counties have instated moratoriums on evictions, Governor Mike DeWine has not called for a state-wide hold. The Governor, in part, attributes this to protecting victims of abuse and domestic violence who may be sharing a roof with their abuser during the pandemic.

In Franklin County, the moratorium on evictions has been extended from May 11th until June 1st. This means that, although landlords can begin the eviction process and paperwork, a tenant cannot actually be evicted until the 1st at the earliest. The Governor has encouraged tenants to reach out directly to their landlords to seek out a solution when possible.

[Check out the article and interview HERE for a more in-depth look at what is happening in Columbus.]

What Can I Do?

We know that these are  uncharted waters for many, and that talking to your landlord may be exceptionally difficult right now. If you believe that your landlord is violating the current mandates, or need more information on your specific county, an attorney may be able to help.

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