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Have you or a loved one been negatively affected by the carelessness or neglect of a large organization? Large companies’ harmful products and practices pose a serious health threat to massive groups of people. When the injured parties come together under a mass tort lawsuit, they not only increase their chances of winning the compensation but can settle the case in less time, and recover larger amounts. Contact the leading Ohio mass tort lawyers at Barkan Meizlish DeRose Cox, LLP if you’ve been harmed by a large company for a free consultation.

Mass Tort Lawsuits

Tort law refers to any tortious or harmful act that one party commits towards another. The act can be intentional or unintentional, and while it sometimes refers to criminal action, this isn’t always the case.

A mass tort is tort law that applies to several plaintiffs against a single or a select few defendants. When a company releases a harmful product, medication, or service to the public, it often causes harm to far more than a single person. However, people tend to feel alone in a situation like this, so they choose not to seek help. It is important to remember that if a mass-produced product has caused you harm, it has caused harm to others as well. Pursuing a mass tort lawsuit can increase your and others’ chances of recovering the compensation you deserve.

Types of Mass Tort Claims

While the essence of mass torts are the same, distinct categories help understand the processes and options of dealing with tort on this scale.

  • Pharmaceutical Claims
  • Environmental Claims
  • Consumer Product Claims

Pharmaceutical Claims

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the biggest industries in the country, and as a result, they often choose profits over consumer safety. One of the most common mass torts concerns harmful or defective medications issued by negligent pharmaceutical companies. If you or someone you love has suffered harm or death due to a particular drug, a mass tort lawsuit may be your best shot at recovering compensation.

Environmental Claims

In an effort to cut costs and increase profits, companies have been known to cause serious harm to the environment by irresponsibly disposing of both toxic and other types of waste. Such waste can contaminate land and local water sources and cause serious health problems to many people. Companies have no right to cause environmental harm, and if you have been affected by it, the Ohio mass tort lawyers at Barkan Meizlish DeRose Cox, LLP. are here to help.

Consumer Product Claims

Consumer product claims deal with a defective product that has been a direct cause of harm or injury to the consumer. If a product has caused you harm, odds are, it has caused harm to others. It’s time to hold large corporations responsible for their actions, and the mass tort lawyers at Barkan Meizlish DeRose Cox, LLP. are here to do just that.

What Makes up a Mass Tort Lawsuit?

The easiest way to understand mass tort lawsuits is by breaking them down into their constituent parts. These are the same things that your Ohio mass tort lawyers at Barkan Meizlish DeRose Cox, LLP. are looking for when dealing with your case.

  • Duty of Care
  • Breached Duty of Care
  • Causation
  • Provable Injuries

Duty of Care

The first thing to establish in a mass tort lawsuit is that the defendant had the duty of care. Duty of care simply means that the defendant was responsible for your well-being during the time of the injury. The defendant has the duty of care while you are using their products, taking their medicine, or, in the case of an environmental claim, simply living in the vicinity of their establishment.

Breached Duty of Care

Once the duty of care has been established, the next step is to prove that the company has breached the duty of care and that this resulted in the plaintiffs’ injuries. To prove this, the Ohio mass tort lawyers at Barkan Meizlish DeRose Cox, LLP. will establish the duty of care and the connection between the companies products, services, medicines, etc., and the plaintiffs’ injury.


To prove causation, our mass tort lawyers have to confirm that the plaintiffs’ injury directly resulted from the defendant’s actions. Causation is easier to establish in a mass tort lawsuit as several people have suffered the same or similar injuries at the hands of the defendant. Consequently, once we show causation in one case, it is typically easier to establish in subsequent cases.

Provable Injuries

The final item our lawyers have to complete to secure your compensation is to prove your injuries through official medical documents. Proving damages is easiest when your doctor explicitly states the product or service in question as to the reason for your particular illness or injury.

Get the Help You Need from the Leading Ohio Mass Tort Lawyers

Suffering at the hands of big businesses and their selfish pursuit of profit is something that no individual should have to go through. If you or a loved one have fallen ill or suffered an injury or death at the hands of a large corporation you could be entitled to significant compensation. Contact the Ohio mass tort lawyers at Barkan Meizlish DeRose Cox, LLP. today or stop by any of our branch locations to schedule a consultation and get the compensation you deserve.


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