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Contracts between employers and employees exist as a written agreement describing what each party must contribute in the employment period, as well as the terms of the employment.

Employment contracts are great for employees and employers to negotiate terms and lay out exactly what obligations each must fulfill for the contract to be in good standing, but sometimes employment contracts are lengthy, full of legal jargon that can be confusing, and have clauses in them that may hurt the employee after leaving the company. If you are presented with an employment contract, it is in your best interest to hire a employment contract attorney to help you interpret and negotiate the contract before you sign.

Here are some aspects that may appear in your employment contract when it is presented to you:

  • Compensation — the frequency of payment, how much you will be paid, and the system in which reviews and raises are determined.
  • Term of employment — how long employment will last if it is a temporary position.
  • Scope of duties — specific job duties and responsibilities, or the projects and tasks that must be completed during the term of employment. If the duties or responsibilities are not completed in the set time frame, the employer may have the legal right to terminate the contract.
  • Non-compete clause — it is important to understand the non-compete clause that may be presented to you in an employment contract because once you leave a company, it could affect your ability to continue working in your industry or field. Non-compete clauses exist to protect company interests, but if unreasonable restrictions are placed in a non-compete clause, then the contract may be unenforceable.
  • Termination — employment contracts will normally explain exactly how employer or employee may terminate employment, either by breach of contract or by a civil understanding.

Benefits of an Employment Agreement Lawyer

Before signing an employment contract, it is important to go over the terms you have been presented with a employment contract attorney to ensure that your rights and best interests are protected during employment.

Sometimes it’s possible that what you negotiated with an employer did not translate into the writing of the contract and what you believed you had verbally agreed will not be executed. Other times, the legalese in which contracts are written are complicated and could be the difference between a severance at the end of your term with a company or receiving nothing at all. Furthermore, in some industries and positions, it’s important to discuss copyright laws and intellectual ownership with your employer to determine what you created is yours or belongs to the company.

Proper negotiation before signing a contract will help you as well. If you don’t agree with the terms presented in an employment contract, then a employment contract lawyer can help you properly edit or rewrite a contract to present to your employer, helping you to achieve the terms you desire in your position.

A employment contract lawyer will be able to guide you through your employment contract step-by-step and help you determine how each aspect will affect your job and your life after employment. It’s critical that you do not sign employment contracts without consulting an employment agreement lawyer in Ohio. 

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