Disabled Widow(er) Cases

Barkan Meizlish , June 2, 2015

If certain conditions are met, a person may qualify for disability based of his/her spouse earning record. To qualify for disability insurance benefits, a widow(er) must have become disabled before the end of a certain period described by law. The disability must begin at least 5 full calendar months before the month the widow(er) attains sage 60 (before age 63 if disability is being established for “Medicare only” purposes) and no later than 84 months after the latest of the following months:

(a) The month of the worker’s death; or
(b) The month in which previous entitlement to disabled widow(er) benefits terminated because the disability had ceased; or
(c) With respect to a widow(er), or surviving divorced spouse, the last month of entitlement to mother’s/father’s insurance benefits based on the worker’s record.


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