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Economic Impact Payments Eligibility for Non-Filers

Economic Impact Payments Eligibility for Non-Filers

Mara Siegel , April 17, 2020

Economic Impact Payments: Non-Filer Need to Knows  The United States Federal Government has officially started rolling out Economic Impact Payments to eligible citizens. If you filed 2018 and 2019 taxes, and opted for direct refund deposits, your check should be direct deposited. If you opted to have your refund mailed, your stimulus check will be […]

Social Media As Evidence and the SSA

Mara Siegel , April 15, 2020

Can An Administrative Law Judge Use Social Media as Evidence? Social media constantly evolves. Keeping up with social media developments can be a huge task. Lawmakers and attorneys have a responsibility, within reason, to keep up with these changes. They may impact existing laws and regulations. Some changes can even lead to the creation of […]

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Happy National Nurses Day

Mara Siegel , May 6, 2020

Outstanding Attorney: Rachel Wenning

Mara Siegel , May 5, 2020

Rachel Wenning Speaks to WOSU On Ohio Housing Concerns In the midst of a crisis, our attorneys continue to involve themselves in communal care work. Rachel Wenning works with the Columbus Tenants’ Union and represents several tenant clients. With uncertain times ahead regarding jobs and income for many, Rachel is advocating for lawmakers to take […]

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