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Enhanced Employees, Enhanced Productivity? Not Necessarily. How Technological Advancements, Such As Micro-Chipping for Humans, Could Be Harmful to Employees.

Mara Siegel , February 5, 2020

Modified Mentalities: If you were on YouTube in the early half of the last decade, you may remember Neil Harbisson’s incredible Ted Talk “I listen to color.” For those who do not recall, Harbisson discusses his cranial implant and its associated external antenna. The implant processes color and turns them into sound waves within his […]

Ohio Workers’ Compensation Cover PTSD

Does Ohio Workers’ Compensation Cover PTSD?

Barkan Meizlish , February 4, 2020

You cannot file a workers’ compensation claim in Ohio when you request benefits solely because you developed post-traumatic stress disorder. Even if the PTSD can be linked explicitly to something that occurred in the workplace, the mental condition cannot be cited as the only reason you believe you should receive health care coverage and replacement […]

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Ewaste Systems finds itself in more hot water

Bobby Elliott , January 22, 2015

Publicly traded E-Waste Systems has been ruled in default in a lawsuit alleging the firm did not pay workers at its former Ohio processing location. According to court documents reviewed by E-Scrap News, a total of nine employees have joined the suit, which was originally filed on Nov. 25 and alleges E-Waste Systems (EWSI) failed […]

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